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Citation Search/On-line Payment - Only records for OPEN, CLASS 'C' TRAFFIC or CRIMINAL cases are available through this web site.  According to Article 45.0215 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, juveniles under the age of 17 who receive Class C Citations must plead in open court and cannot pay through this website.  Individuals between the ages of 17 and 24 whose traffic citation is a moving violation must take defensive driving.

Please complete the citation selection information below. If searching by citation number, do NOT include dashes. If searching by name, then date of birth is required. When you are finished, click Search to build the citation search results.

* Citations can only be searched and paid by one Justice of the Peace court at a time.

* When searching by driver's license number or license plate number, please enter the 2 character state code, a hyphen, then the numbers (i.e. TX-123456).

* It is recommended that searches be conducted on name and date of birth. The driver's license number or plate number may not have been entered as part of the citation information.

* You should always confirm the information on this web-site.

* Trouble finding your case? Please contact your Financial Recovery Specialist.

Tickets recently issued may not have been entered into the Court's database system.  Please check again at a later time or call to confirm.

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If your ticket does not display, please contact the Justice Court listed on your ticket.

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